CCM FT6 Shoulder Pads

Regular price $145.00

The all new CCM JetSpeed FT6 shoulder pads are designed to provide elite-level players with the protection, mobility, and comfort they need to perform at the highest levels. These shoulder pads include a lot of top-of-the-line features but at a lower price point.

  • AER-TEC Thermoregulation system with an amplified mobility design.
  • Ultra-light U-Foam Shoulder Caps (Senior Only). 
  • PE Molded Cap for bicep protection with length adjustment.
  • Hybrid liner treated with polygiene. 
  • AER-TEC suspension system with flex motion base jacket.
  • Floating clavicle coverage with PE plastic guards.
  • Mesh liner treated with polygiene. 
  • Molded HD Hybrid sternum and spine shield with ventilation ports. 
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